My audicty will not record te music from Vanbasco i

My Audacity 2.0.4 will not record music from Vanbasco. I have used an older version and it worked fine. Can you help. I love sing every day and have been for several years. I have a brand new Toshiba laptop. Just can’t figure it out. It’s like the voice trumps over the music. But then I just started trying to record the music and it still won’t pick it up.
Bob Cummins

The new laptop will probably have Windows 7 or Windows 8. Computers with those versions of Windows will hide all the inputs except microphone, and may no longer have their own method of recording computer playback.

You can use “Windows WASAPI loopback” in Audacity to record computer playback even if your computer sound device cannot do so, as long as you are on Windows Vista or later. Please see here for instructions on what you have to do: .


OH thank you so much really. I will start working on that right now!
Bob Cummins, RN

What is it exactly that you want to record?

You seem to say that WASAPI records computer playback. Is that so?

If you want to record your voice, change back to MME host and select the microphone input (do both these steps in Device Toolbar). In the Transport Menu, make sure “Overdub” has a check mark (click it, if it does not have a check mark).

Then if you already have one music track that you recorded with WASAPI, you can press Record to record your voice into a second track while listening to the music playing in the first track. Make sure you are using headphones so that the music does not get recorded by your mic.

Is this what you want to do? Or are you trying to record your singing and the music at the same time? There are many advantages to having the music and your voice on two separate tracks.