My Audacity 3.4.2 on my Mac no longer allows me to export to MP3

Any suggestions? It’s always worked correctly in the past, but now the drop down box doesn’t show the places to export to, specifically to MP3.

At one time, you had to install a separate library to be able to do this. FAQ:Installing the LAME MP3 Encoder - Audacity Manual has info. That shouldn’t be the case with 3.4.2 though.

I’m probably talking over my head here, but something to look at?

Go to Edit → Preferences → Modules and make sure mod-mp3 is enabled.

Or, you can try deleting audacity.cfg (or rename it to something like audacityX.cfg to “hide it” from Audacity) and when you restart Audacity it will create a new-clean cfg file.

Yes, MP3 is enabled in edit-preferences-modules. No change.
Took some other advice and went to tools-reset config, and now all of my modifications to my Audacity layout are gone and presumably my macros, too. Dang! Was kind of painstaking to set that all up. I guess at this point I could look up how to uninstall and reinstall since my macros are gone already, then look into how to set all that back up. Still no export to MP3.
Still, any advice is helpful. This worked perfectly earlier this month, as usual, and I’m not sure when it installed 3.4.2, but I feel like it had to have something to do with that.
Thank you!

That’s why I also suggested that you could re-name it. :wink:

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