My acoustic piano recordings are now sounding staccato and echoey. A reboot solved it last time, but this time hasn't. Any ideas please?

Hi, I am using the latest version of Audacity and Windows 11. About a month ago I tried to record an idea from my acoustic piano into Audacity and the sound was all choppy and staccato and echoey and not picking up use of pedal. I rebooted my DELL laptop and it sorted the problem and all sounded as normal again. Tonight it has happened again (no idea why) and I’ve rebooted twice and the problem is still there. I’ve not changed any settings. Any ideas what is going on and how to solve it please? Grateful thanks. I’ve attached a demo of a few seconds so you can hear what I mean. I am playing with pedal here.

Ah, I’ve found a way to fix it. I opened an old file, tried recording an extra track onto that and it recorded normally. I then opened a new file again and the recording is now normal. Could this be a software bug in Audacity? Has anyone else experienced this issue. Glad it’s working normally again anyway!

sound issue demo.aup3 (2.8 MB)

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

And the Dell (MaxxAudio) enhancements off too.

Thanks guys, I will be sure to check these if it happens again. I appreciate you replying :smile:

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