My 1.2.4 version files won't open in newer Audacity versions

Hi all,
I’m new on the forum and could use some help. My .aup files are in an Audacity 1.2.4 format, which won’t open in newer versions of Audacity (see the error message attached). I downloaded the 1.2.4 software (into Windows 7) so I can get into them, but I’m kind of stuck there without a way to save upward to a newer, compatible version. I’m also needing a compatible Lame download for 1.2.4 so I can export to mp3. Can anyone suggest how I can get these files updated and exported? Thanks so much!
Audacity error.PNG

I think it’s still possible to get and install earlier versions of Audacity. Another elf will be along to show you how.

I would not use the early version to produce an MP3. Produce a very high quality WAV file and open that in the modern Audacity for further processing and exporting.

Every single old version of Audacity is on SourceForge . I’ve already explained to Caryne on feedback@ how to export a WAV file from 1.2.4 then import it into 2.0.3, and this has apparently solved the problem.

Note that as per the Release Notes Audacity 2.x can open most projects created in 1.2 versions. The restriction is that if you save the project in 2.x then you can no longer open it in a 1.2 version.

Only a small minority of 1.2 projects will not open correctly in 2.x and even fewer will be corrupted by it, but we advise making a backup of the 1.2 project to be completely safe.

If the project does open incorrectly in 2.x, quit the project without saving changes, or choose “Close project immediately” if you see that option. Then open the backup copy of the project in 1.2 and export a WAV file from that project.