MXL usb 24 studio mic on Windows 7

Hi Friends… I’ve tried in all ways I know to use/connect my new MXL usb 24 bit studio mic, on my Laptop Windows 7 and nothing. No signal at all. I’ve followed the Instruccions I’ve found and nothing. The Mic shows the red light that indicates is ON. I’m using Audacity to record my VO’s using my XLR Mics: Rode nt1a and ART MFour Vacume Tube with no problem at all. And now that I need to use this brand new USB 24 BIT MXL Mic on the Go on Vacation, just Nothing. I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks.

Close Audacity. Does Windows see the microphone and do you get the Win7 little bouncing sound meter in the control panels? Audacity gets its sound from Windows. If Windows can’t find it, that’s the end of the story.


Follow the steps in the box “Detecting USB and Firewire devices” here


Thank you Kos (sorry, Koz)
Thank you Gale

I’ll try … and let you know.

I appreciate it.