Mutli-channel Export (Flac 5.1)


I have a 5.1 flac file (ripped from a BD audio that I own, the complete album into a single track) from which I’d like to cut into separate tracks.

My issue is related to the order of tracks, as unfortunately the mapping is different when exporting from the original one.

Reading by File=>Open seems Ok, I have Left, Right, Center, LFE, Rear Left, and Rear Right.
After doing an export I have Rear Left, and Rear Right, Left, Right, Center, LFE, and yes listening is…curious

I created from scratch with white noise a 6 channels (10s each) Flac, same issue, so the issue is not related to the input file

by moving tracks I’m able to get the right order, but this is tedious and sowehere not logical
I believe using Advanced Mixing Options I coudl also solve it, but having to repeat the action for each export is not convenient.

Why the channels order is different when doing an export for a 5.1 (Flac) file?
Is there a way, as a workaround, to store this order in preferences, in order to avoid having to move tracks or change the Advanced Mixing option each time I’m exporting?

I’m using Audacity 2.1.1 on Windows 10

thank you for any hint


Audacity does not change the track order when exporting multi-channel FLAC. To verify that, create six tracks that are all visually different, export, then import the file back into Audacity.

Perhaps your sound device maps the channels differently when it is playing a disc than when it is playing a file.


Thanks a lot for your reply, but unfortunately this is wrong…did you try it?



Yes, on Windows 7 (and Steve is on Linux). Did you try it? I see no reason this should depend on platform, though.

What is a “BD audio”?