Muting speaker while recording internet stream in Surface Pro

I have a Surface Pro 9, and I am using Audacity to record streaming audio. I do not have ‘stereo mix’ available on the surface pro, nor do I have an actual 3.5 mm jack on this laptop.

I currently use the WASAPI interface to capture the audio, using the Realtek internal speakers as my input. Unfortunately, when I mute the audio from the output speakers, the recording stops too. In the past I was able to mute the laptop speakers during the recording, but not any more.

Does anyone else have experience with Surface Pros and have found a solution to this issue?

You could get a USB soundcard, route the audio output to it, and select WASAPI loopback for that device as as your recording input, but don’t plug anything in and you won’t hear anything.

You can get them for a couple of dollars, or the Apple “dongle” is only $10 USD and is highly rated if you ever want to actually use it.

DVD doug, thank you for the reply. I do have an external soundcard that will do that if that is absolutely necessary. What I don’t understand is that I was able to mute the speakers while audio was being recorded, but something changed–either in a windows update or Audacity update.

With only two USB-C ports available, I would prefer to use those for other reasons if possible. I suspect there are others who have Surface Pros who have run into similar circumstances.