muting one channel on stereo track during edit

While recording (in stereo mode) a piano piece, my Zoom recorder was pointing the wrong direction, reversing the L and R channels. Hence the L (base) is too loud, over-powering the R (treble). I cannot “blue in” just the R to increase its volume. Both L and R get blued in. Is there a work-around? (It’s a nice recording, and I don’t want to convert it to Mono.) Help would be appreciated! I have the latest Audacity 2.1.0 and am exiting on a Dell laptop with Windows XP.

Use the little black down-arrow to the left of the track. > Swap Stereo Channels.


Thanks so much. That little black arrow did the job!

Please have a look at Important information for Windows XP users if you have not already done so.