mute take vocal tracks

What is the most efficient way to use different pieces of several different vocal tracks,lead vocal , like this section better on first track,another section on second take on a different track. Can you mute a section on a track while letting it play on another track without deleting it

You can import many different tracks and they will stack one on top of the other and play at the same time. You can use the MUTE and SOLO buttons to the left of each track to turn them on and off. You can use the envelope tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to fade in and out of each track note by note if you need it that accurate.

You can also drag-select and silence segments of track with Control-L.

Hope you were all singing to the same rhythm and beat because if you weren’t, the tracks will drift in and out of sync with each other. That’s a lot more entertaining to fix.


When you get everything just the way you want it, File > Export: WAV (Microsoft). That’s your master. Then File > Export: MP3 if you need it for posting or a personal music player.

Don’t leave out the WAV step. You can’t re-edit an MP3 without causing sound damage.

You can also File > Save a Project. An Audacity Project will open later with all your stacked tracks, layers and cut points. Everything but UNDO.