Mute audio input but hear other tracks [SOLVED]

I didn’t know how to word this ‘subject’ and this is probably something simple to remedy. But for the life of me I can’t figure it out!

While recording an audio track. I want to hear the other track(s) while recording an additional audio track, but I don’t want to hear the audio from the track that is being recorded. (Don’t want to monitor the audio being recorded)

Example: I want to hear guitar track one while recording a new vocal track, but I don’t want to hear the vocal track while I’m recording.

Example: I recorded the rhythm guitar track. Now, I need to record the lead guitar track. I want to hear the rhythm guitar track while recording the lead guitar track but I don’t want to hear (monitor) the lead guitar track in my headphones, only the rhythm track.

Does this make sense?

The reason is LATENCY. The latency of the current audio being recorded is throwing me off time with the tracks that are already laid down.

Thank you to anyone who can help and can understand what I’m saying. It is a simple issue but I even confused MYSELF! :slight_smile:

First thing to do is check in the Transport menu that “Overdub” is on (selected) and “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected).

Overdub is selected. Software play through is unchecked.

OK, good. That’s the Audacity side sorted.

The next place to look is in the Windows sound settings. I can’t help a great deal here as I rarely use Windows, (I’m sure one of the Windows Elves will help if you have trouble with this bit). Somewhere in the Windows Sound Control Panel there may be a setting to “listen to this device”. That setting needs to be off (not selected).

Actually I don’t think I will need the Windcows Elves as back-up on this one. Believe it or not, just by the answers you gave and pointing me toward my system sound settings, I was able to get the issue resolved.

Thank you for your assistance as well as your patience with me while I get the hang of Audacity.

I am STOKED about this DAW software! I’ll never even attempt to use a different suite! (I’m a Cakewalk Pro ‘convert’)

I am SO VERY grateful to all of those who invested their knowledge, time and their expertise in the creation of Audacity.

Especially for the financially challenged fellas like me with big families and little cash to invest in tools such as this, not to mention little time to dedicate to an intense learning curve (Which as you know most DAW’s have)… this suite is PRICELESS to me!

Thanks again;


Excellent - glad it’s sorted, and thanks for the kind words.