Music Quiz

I’m creating a selection of portions of tunes, usually about 35 seconds long for a pub music quiz I’m running. The objective is to guess the title and the artist. Using Audacity this is not a problem to edit relevant tunes down to the required size. However, some songs use the Title words quite early on. Is there a way to remove/obscure the title only in this situation?


You mean stop the singer from singing the words? You can beep them out. Drag-select the words and Generate > Tone: 400Hz or 300Hz at 0.2 size. That will stop the music, too. We can’t easily split the singer from the music.


Try applying this “reverso” effect to the section containing the words.
It takes short sections of the sound and reverses them.

Instructions for installing the effect:

Thanks a lot, folks. I’ll try to select songs that don’t use titles too early in future, I think :smiley:
Plus I’ll give those options a try as well