Music off of Youtube?

Um… So, I’m just doing a few trials of Maid of Evil and playing around with my voice, but I want to figure out how to get music on the song. Like if I decide to do a dubbed version of “World is Mine” by Hatsune Miku, but I don’t have a youtube account, and the people I asked aren’t much help, but that may be because when they ask the version of the program I downloaded, I say that “I don’t know”. If it helps. I downloaded the 32-bit format for windows XP

Can anyone help me please? I want to figure this out as it might also help me in choir for school to be able to record my voice with the music.
Maid of Evil Trials.aup (3.43 KB)

Probably step one; AUP isn’t a sound file. It’s an Audacity Project Manager. So you didn’t send us anything useful. Export as a real sound file (WAV MP3) and send that.

Next step, we have no trouble at all performing Sound-On-Sound or Overdubbing, but we can’t do it with a on-line music bed. You have to have the bed on your local drive.

Past that, it’s just setting the preferences right and singing in a quiet room.

Please note that there is a split between Perfect Overdubbing and Making Do. Perfect Overdubbing requires special sound hardware or recompiling Audacity with special software. Making Do is just you, a soundcard and a microphone. You won’t be able to hear yourself while you’re singing. That’s the problem the hardware solves.


Okay, well it wouldn’t lemme put up that file. Sorry about that.

Um…I’m not a big computer-smart girl, so I didn’t really understand that very well. Do you mind explaining it a bit easier please?

The basic process of recording a voice over a backing track is first to get a copy of the backing track into Audacity. If you have the backing track as a file on your computer, that’s easy: From the Audacity File menu select “Import > Audio”, or just drag and drop the file onto an open Audacity window.

By default, Audacity will play other tracks while recording a new one, so if your computer is set up to record in Audacity, you should be able to hear the backing track through your headphones when you record. (Yes, you must use headphones when recording, not loudspeakers).

I’m afraid I don’t have it as a file as my computer gets viruses easy and the websites that I can download the songs I need to sign up-I rather not do that.
Is there a way to see the file on youtube at all? I know I’m making this complicated, but I don’t want to record the song on my nook because the nook spazzes and then whenever I’m recording, it seems like something else HAS to happen in my household.

Install an anti-virus program like .

Try clicking this link .

When you have downloaded the video, download and install FFmpeg (click this link for instructions): .

Then you can import the downloaded video file into Audacity and it will extract the audio from the video file and just show you the audio.


I see! Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble!