Music for background videos on YouTube


I am creating a series of tutorials and guides for all the beginner musicians. However, I need to use some new music for the videos which is obviously, Royalty Free.

I am producing some from the Audacity & FL Studio. But I need some hooks and loops, or maybe remix tracks.

Any relevant sources to get started? Thanks.

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Some free sources for music and sound effects:

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I’ll definitely check them out.

Is there any way that I can use popular music without getting into copyright issues?

It depends what you mean by “popular music”. If you mean songs that are heard on the radio / TV, then probably not. Production companies spend big bucks producing and marketing such music, and may prosecute legal proceedings against anyone they find violating their copyright. To use commercially recorded music, you need written permission from the copyright holder, which usually involves paying a license fee.

Example, to legally use any music where the rights holder is “Sony” see:

Yes there is a away you can use certian popular-music on YouTube, see …
There’s a catch: no monetization of the video in question, and the copyright-owner can have it deleted if they feel like it.

YouTube has its own audio library, which you can use on YouTube (only),
some of it is good

You usually can monetize videos which have a YouTube audio-library soundtrack.

I’ve been using the YouTube library since forever. I feel like the good tracks are used by most of the creators. I was wondering if could find a good place with some cool music.

I also found that some people create the karaoke versions (instrumentals) using Audacity, etc. and use it videos. Does this also projects any copyright issue?

Making a karaoke version from a commercial recording does not avoid copyright issues.

YouTube karaoke/cover versions only permitted with some tunes, so check first

karaoke (cover) versions only permitted with some tunes.png
https ://www.

And even where cover-versions are permitted, you’ll get no share of any YouTube advertising-revenue it generates.

Thanks for sharing these. I don’t really want to make money out of YouTube yet.

Also, I found some websites that offer to download music SoundCloud? Is it allright?

You can only reuse music from SoundCloud if the uploader really is the creator,
& they have not sampled copyrighted work, & they have given their work a creative-commons license.

If a SoundCloud track does have a creative-commons license you should be able to download it directly from the SoundCloud page. [ Some 3rd party SoundCloud downloaders give you free malware/adware with the download ].

Thanks. I will only use royalty free music from SoundCloud and will personally DM the artist on his/her social media too. This SoundCloud downloader thing - [Link removed by moderator]

This is legit, right?

There are many websites and plug-ins that offer music downloaders. Some are legitimate, while others may be very dangerous malware. Even though a downloader may “legitimate” (not a virus), it may still breach the “terms of service” of the service provider, or may not be legal to use.

Note that Soundcloud’s terms of service state (

(i) > You must not copy, rip or capture, or attempt to copy, rip or capture, any audio Content from the Platform or any part of the Platform, other than by means of download or store for offline listening in circumstances where the relevant Uploader has elected to permit downloads or offline listening of the relevant item of Content.

We do not check such websites or downloaders, and have no “inside knowledge” about them. They are not related to Audacity, and we do not provide support for them.

I shall lock this topic now as it is unrelated to Audacity.