Music Export Problem

For some reason, every time time I try to export a song, Audacity stops working completely, shuts down, and goes away, etc. It used to work, when I had a different PC, and was running XP. Now, I have new PC, running W7, and I am using Audacity 2.0.0. I have only 1 copy of the lame driver on this PC. I don’t even want to attempt fixing the same issue with exporting m4as using FFmpeg! I tried some other music converting programs, because I had some other mp3 files, but the conversion process stopped (failed) mid-stream, which leads me to believe that whatever is the cause of my problems with Audacity, is also hosing up any other audio conversion program. I than did a search on lame-related drivers, and deleted all of them except the one appropriate for Audacity 2.0.0. Help!

You didn’t say so in English words, but are you Exporting in MP3? What happens if you Export WAV or other format like AIFF that doesn’t need exotic export software?

Are you using universal filenames, no punctuation marks and no dates?

I’ve had a new Audacity install try to save music to the System Directory. I can understand Windows not being too happy with that. Try forcing Audacity to produce the music files on your desktop.


I am trying to export the file into a simple mp3 file. The file name is KFBR Side 2, for King Biscuit Flour Hour - Side 2, of 3 total sides. It’s an old vinyl recording that I recorded onto my hard drive using Audacity. I haven’t tried exporting anything else yet. Is my naming convention causing this problem?

Exporting a wav file does work, so it must something to do with the lame driver. What are the likely fixes? As I said earlier, it doesn’t work in Audacity, or any other file conversion program (wav to mp3, for example).

Are you exporting the Audacity MP3 from what you recorded into Audacity, or from a file you previously made from such a recording? What is the source of the music you are trying to convert to MP3 in another program?


Yes. It is a file I recorded with Audacity, then I tried to export it, so I could convert into a format other than wav.

Click “Options” in the Audacity File Export Dialogue when you try to export MP3. Tell us the options you are choosing there.

What is the Audacity project rate bottom left of the window when you export?

You can export MP3 with FFmpeg. Once you have installed FFmpeg, choose “Custom FFmpeg Export” instead of “MP3 Files” when you export. In the dialog for custom FFmpeg export, choose “MP3” for “Format” and “libmp3lame” for “Codec”. Changing any other options in there may not work.

Let us know how you get on.


The sample rate is 44,100HZ, which is the CD standard. The custom FFmpeg export worked just fine, but I was never asked for a format of any kind. When doing a Google search on lame encoders, I see multitudes. Staying away from anything unofficial, I see 2 different codecs. One is 3.99.3, and the other 3.99.5. Is there a correct one? My ultimate goal is to be able to export m4a files. Mp3 is fine, but lossy.

If you use “Custom FFmpeg Export” you have to choose MP3 and libmp3lame in this dialogue.

Also if you export and choose “MP3 Files” (instead of “Custom FFmpeg Export”). then click “Options” what are the settings there?

There is only one officially supported LAME installer for Audacity and it’s 3.99.3 from here: .

M4A is almost as lossy as MP3. If you want to export with Apple lossless codec, you will have to use Custom FFmpeg Export with the ALAC codec.


If I do a custom export, it works. Is this a workaround? All the options are the default - nothing’s been changed at all.