Music Doesn't play in CD Player

Hi Folks,
I’m a newbie and 70 years old so bare with me. I couldn’t find anything in FAQ so. I’ve been transferring my old tape cassettes into digital format in the hope that I could put my music onto CDs. I’ve managed to make both MP3 (which works good on a USB stick) and Wav formats but when I copied the WAV to a CD disc the disc doesn’t play any sound in the CD player. The player says it plays MP3 which format I also tried but no joy. What am I doing wrong?
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Dave (In Germany)

If I understood well your explanation, you should create an “audio cd” because by just copying the wav files will create a “data cd”, it’s like you copy documents on a cd disk but the music player doesn’t know what to do with it.
What burning program did you use?

If I understood well your explanation, you should create an “audio cd” because by just copying the wav files will create a “data cd”, it’s like you copy documents on a cd disk but the music player doesn’t know what to do with it.

As Audino stated, you have to use a CD burning program to move the Music files over to a CD. There are several great program out there that does that. I am also kinda new to this form so don’t know if i can actuall suggest what programs to use so will not at this time. but i use one that i got for free off of the internet. I just google’d FREE CD BURNING PROGRAMS and D/L’ed one. it works great. with that propgram i have over 14 hours on one CD and still not full. Hope this helps, Marty

Also as a afterthought, Older and some newer CD players will not play music recorded on a DVD. It has to be recorded on a CD. Marty

You can do it on a BluRay, too, but neither of those will play in your car – or you mum’s music player.

A Music CD is a special format and you need a Music CD Authoring Program to get there. iTunes will do this on both Windows and Mac. Windows Media Player can do it, too, at least the more modern ones. Koz

Thats great folks,Thank you for the quick response. So It seems I’m on the right track then with the Wav extension thing. I’ll try now to download and find a way to burn it and see how I go. I’ll be back soon.
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Dave, all disc players are not created equally. Some won’t even play home-made CD’s that are “burned” they’ll only play the commercially “pressed” ones.

A CD is normally in a special (MDA?) format and you need software which will take your WAV files or MP3 files and then “rip” or “burn” them to a CD, in CD format.

The smarter CD players will play “jukebox” discs (with more songs on them) and read MP3 and WAV files as well, with varying limits. They won’t play DVDs, even “audio DVDs” as a rule, and if you find a player that DOES play music from DVDs, each one has different non-standard limits about how many files/folders/levels it can work with.

So if you must use CDs in a CD player, check for software that says it will MAKE A MUSIC CD and do the conversion on the fly for you. It may also give you a chance to enter track information, artist information, etc., because that is also handled in non-standard ways and does not necessarily get passed along.

Personally? I’ve given up on CDs, I’m converting everything to a high quality (VBR-2) MP3 format and using an MP3 player as my music source now. Actually, my phone, with a huge memory card in it. And I’ll now expect everything to accept either an aduio plug from the phone, or a bluetooth stream (which is becoming common) instead of carrying around boxes of discs. Next year I suppose I may outgrow the phone’s capacity, then it will be the 160GB iPod instead.

Being 70 is not the problem. The juvenile state of the music industry is!

Great, and thank you for that. I downloaded a burning program and it looks promising,it’s getting late now so I’ll leave it for now. I think that what Hellosailor has to say bears some thinking about. Perhaps there are audio systems on the market now where you just plug in a USB and it shows and plays your MP3 selection. If that’s the case it would be well on the way to making all the other mediums redundent.
Thanks again
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Yes, and they’re good to go until you drop your phone/iPod into the toilet. So there’s all your addresses and music slowly sinking to the bottom.
I’d certainly like my older truck (lorry) to accept a connection from my iPod, but all it does is play Music CDs, so that’s it for me for a while. The next one will do that. There is an impressive interface cable between the CD player and the radio behind the dash and I’m not that up to ripping it apart.

Yes, I do have a radio transmitter and I also live in Los Angeles which has no spacing between the FM stations.

The standing advice is convert your older music to high quality digital format like WAV or AIFF and then make protection backup copies of that. Then downconvert the quality to MP3 or whatever is current and put that on your personal music player. And keep putting it on newer and newer ones as you get them.

iPods can use MP3, but that’s not normal.


Read the instructions for Windows Media. The last three or four Windows Media versions had the ability to burn music to a Music CD. You may not have to buy a thing. iTunes will do it, too. It’s supported software and it’s a free download from Apple.


“Yes, and they’re good to go until you drop your phone/iPod into the toilet.”
A good point, Koz. This is one reason why toilets have lids, which are intended to be closed when not in use. And of course, if you’ve never had someone break into your car and steal all your music, you might not realize just how vulnerable those bulky disks and tapes still are.

Might actually be CHEAPER to duplicate the digital files, than to duplicate the CDs and store 'em all someplace, too. Speaking of which, how are your eight-tracks holding up?

toilets have lids, which are intended to be closed when not in use.

You don’t keep your phone in your pants pocket, do you?

how are your eight-tracks holding up?

Only two left. When I drove from Washington DC to Los Angeles (for the last time), the Cadillac Seville had an 8-track. It worked, too. Both tapes are in the same box in the garage with the 8-track adapter so I could plug my portable CD player in. The CD player which would only work on the interstate highway if it was sitting on my lap.

Good times…


Now I find my Computer CD drive is playing up so I am unable to test the burning program.
Here in Germany there is a big social move to stop men urinating whilst standing up. My frau tried to put it on me, but I said that I’d sit down when she stood up. I mean give a man a fair go. Having said that, a couple of months ago I did drop my cellphone down the toilet,(don’t ask). Funny enough I felt a strong sense of liberation, kind of like when I stood up to my wife,although in retrospect maybe I should have gone along with it.
Not wishing to persue the subject,but very often in urinals here, you see a transfer of a fly stuck to the bowl, and you are supposed to aim for it, I like that.
I remember those 8 track cassettes,back in the 70s I think. I guess that the single track system must have been more efficient. You folks seem a strange bunch to relate too, an oddly comfortable lot.
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I did drop my cellphone down the toilet,(don’t ask). Funny enough I felt a strong sense of liberation…

A very heavy cellphone will do that. Also, you have to be careful not to walk in circles because you’re now lighter on one side and you’re not used to that.

…you are supposed to aim for it, I like that.

Goals are important. We assume that goes with the posted sign:
[Our aim is to keep this place clean. Your aim is appreciated.]

…an oddly comfortable lot.

That’s good. Can I use that?


I have a friend who also did that. Kept the cell phone in his breast pocket and for some reason, bent over. I keep mine in the breast pocket sometimes (driving access) and the hip pocket other times, but I also try really hard to avoid the cheap pants with shallow hip pockets. North Face used to make some nice trip pants with 9" deep hip pockets, NOTHING crawls out of those by accident. And then someone got cheap and reduced them from 9" to 4"…accident time. Still, I haven’t had anything fall INTO the toilet that way.

Obviously I’m using the toilet improperly.

Some of you may remember the early cellphones ALL had a leash, wrist strap, or at least small fitting where one could be attached. Because the designers knew leashes are how you avoid dropping expensive things on the floor. Or your pistol in the snow, if you’re a Mountie. Now, even the basic fitting to attach a leash has been removed, in order to promote replacement sales. Yes, they really were removed on purpose.

But really, don’t you need the heavy cell phone in one pocket, to counterbalance the weight of the dozen CDs in the other?

And of course, if you’re using Google Music…It invisibly uploads all of your music “to the cloud” so you can listen to it from anything with an internet connection. No charge. Lost the phone? No problem, the next one can still access all the music, and sync it up for local copy as well.

Hi Folks,

I managed to burn the wav files to CD and it all works well.

Maybe I should start a new thread but my problem now is, I find that if I record an album and try to skip a track, it will always go back to the beginning. It will not skip individual tracks backwards or forwards. Does anybody have a take on this.
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Dave in Germany

I deleted your other post which you attached to another topic.

In that post you asked

How can I put a label at the front of each song? When I record an album from a cassette I don’t get a list of songs to work with,there is just a graphic thing where I cut the start and end off

Have you read this or this ?

Are you talking about the CD player skipping tracks? Did you burn the WAV files to CD as separate tracks?


Hi Gale,

Thank You for your response.

In answer to your two questions.

Q1) Are you talking about the CD player skipping tracks?

I think I need to get the CD to skip tracks, if it was the player that skipped tracks I guess it would have worked just like any other CD.

Q2) Did you burn the WAV files to CD as separate tracks?

What I did was, started record on Audacity, then switched on my cassette player. At the end of the track I stopped Audacity, cut the beginning and ends of the blue wavy line to clean it up and then saved it as a Wav file(the other folks here, put me right on that one) I burned it to CD as the complete tape,I guess 45 minutes or something.

It worked as a CD, and I was quite chuffed with myself. I even impressed my wife and kids,which was a real buzz.

But being able to skip tracks takes it to another level of complexity. I find the Audacity programme a bit scary. There are words and phrases that I have never heard before. And the introduction didn’t seem too easy to follow.

50% of the people are below average (It’s true)

I will now try the links you sent me and see if I can make sense of them.

Thank You
Warm Regards

Dave, if you saved an Audacity file as one wav file there are no ‘tracks’. One Audacity file exported as one wav file is just one track. To get multiple tracks you need to set multiple marks in Audacity then export the whole batch as multiple wav files and burn the resulting group of files to a CD.
Sorry if some of my terms aren’t quite exact, no Audacity here to refer to.

I am not a music engeneer either. when i do a tape or LP i play one SONG at a time, trim it at front and back and then export it as either a .wav or .mp3 file. then i use the cd burner to burn all of songs to the CD. That way i do not have to record any of the songs that i do not want. I don’t know about you but as much as i like certian artist i do not like all of thier songs. so my CD’s are just of the songs that i want to hear