Music Composing and Recording Workbench

Perhaps this post isn’t in the right place, but I saw the “Interfacing with other software” subtitle on this part of the forum, so here I go:

I’d like to create a fully integrated “musical workbench” where I can do the following:

  • Compose music by entering melodies (individual musical parts using traditional clef-based musical notation), chords and percussion tracks;
  • Type lyrics into the music for the sake of creating complete, legible and printable sheet music;
  • Play back the music through MIDI and possibly voice synthesizer;
  • Replace each computer-generated track one at a time with recorded tracks in Audacity; and
  • Play back the live tracks along with the computer generated ones and create MP3s at any point in that process

It occurred to me that I might be able to do the whole thing using programs that were created with matching VST plug-ins that would allow me to go back and forth between Audacity and the other program (e.g. working with a sheet music composing program - change the music, go to Audacity, re-read the project and the new music is there). If possible, I’d like to go with free/open source software. I started to look into this, and I’d appreciate any light you all might be able to shed on this topic.

Thank you all very much for your time.

you could check out this program called Melody Assistant which is like a poor man’s Sibelius - it only costs 20 euros for tons of things and has all the features you mention - its good for sheet music. I find audacity is great for audio because its simple, but you can still move files between the 2 as .wavs or ogg vorbis.

Did audacity ever add on this music composition capability? Is it inclined to do so?

I wish to do something similar. I wish to specify a notation system that is more convenient for composers.

Jim Adrian

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