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I have Windows 11 and recently I started to try to record songs on Audacity, as I know nothing about recording and maybe Audacity is a software I will be able to learn how to work with. One thing worries me. A friend told me that once you apply an effect you can’t change it again, even if later you would like to experiment with another effect. Someone answered me a while ago and was kind enough to send me the plugin list, so I installed MuseFX. Are those the best filters, and if not which ones are and can one tweak the settings even after saving?

I wouldn’t comment on which filters are the best. I am sure whoever wrote it would want it to be the best.

So if you apply an effect from the Main Menu “Effect” at the top of the screen, this is a “destructive” effect, meaning that it changes the audio. It can be undone by Ctrl-Z or using Edit > Undo, as with any other changes you might make. See: Effect Menu - Audacity Manual

You can alternatively attach an effect to a track. This is done by clicking the “Effects” button to the left of the track. These “real-time” effects are attached to the track and are applied each time you play (or otherwise) render the track. See: Audacity 3.2 - Real-Time Effects and Free Cloud Sharing - YouTube

Also, see: Using realtime effects - Audacity Support

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Sorry I asked you the same question again on my other thread, hadn’t see your reply. I will look into all the information but, does it mean that real time Effects or destructive effects can be changed later on or not? And what do you mean when you say that they are applied every time? Does one need to apply them? So much to learn… Thanks! When I asked which Effects are better I didn’t mean that others are bad, just trying to find out which people prefer and think work better with Audacity.

I hope you will get a chance to view the video.

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