MuseFX MuseHub not seen on Mac Audacity

I am new to audacity so please forgive me if I appear to be naive regarding MuseFX. I have downloaded what I consider the Mac version of MuseHub-musefx

I have run the app but cannot get any of the fx to show on realtime fx menu on recording tracks, or even the name MuseFX does not show. I carried out a rescan etc etc but still nothing to show for my efforts.

Help please.

Other than that I find audacity so easy to use

Kind regards


When you run the Muse Hub app all it does it put a “Muse” menu in the right-hand menu bar. Click on that menu then click on “Effects”. You need to get each effect individually.
Now start Audacity - it should recognize and load the newly-installed effects.
– Bill

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