Multivoice Chorus

There’s a plugin called Multivoice Chorus found here,

Although I cannot get it to work for my voice or anything. All I get is an extra voice that just trails the other, but no change at all, it’s as if copying the first track and pasting it a few seconds back.
What settings should I use? I’m aiming for well, a chorus behind the main voice of course.

This plug-in was not specifically designed for Audacity, but it seems to work in a fashion.
I’m using Audacity 1.3.6 on Linux.

I’m not sure if it is a design feature, or a peculiarity of running this plug-in in Audacity, but I notice that voice number 1 is the original sound, and that the other voices are delayed by about 200ms.

If you want the chorus effect without a 200ms delay, you can do it like this:

    1. Make 2 duplicates of the track (select the track then press Ctrl+D)
  1. (optional) Name the tracks “Original”, “sfx1”, “sfx2”

  2. If the track has a high peak level, amplify tracks sfx1 and sfx2 by -10dB (this is an approximate figure - adjust as necessary)

  3. Apply the effect to track sfx1 - set the number of voices to at least 2 (try setting it to 3)

  4. Invert track sfx2 (this is to cancel out voice 1 on track sfx1)

  5. Select tracks sfx1 and sfx2 and “Mix and Render” (“Quick Mix” in Audacity 1.2.x)

  6. Use the time shift tool to drag the chorus track to the left so that it lines up with the “Original” track. You will probably want a short delay before the effect (but a lot less than 200ms - probably around 20ms). An alternative way to using the time shift tool is to delete a small section from the beginning of the chorus track - note that the exact position of the chorus track will have a big effect on how it sounds due to its interaction with the original track.