Multitrck with stenberg ur22 mkii


I use version 2.2.2 on Windows 7. My soundcard is a steinberg ur22 mkii. I have two dynamic mic, xm8500, connected to the sound card. These are connected to the 2 XLR inputs.

My plan is to record a podcast with 2 persons, that is why I need 2 microphones. This also means I want to record 2 microphones simultaneously.

I have managed to record on both microphones using the following approach: Windows directsound and “steinberg line 2” and mono. First I add one mono track, then I add a second one. I then click “Audio track” on the top most track and select “make stereo track”. When I record. Now I get the audio from mic 1 on L-channel and audio from mic 2 on R-channel.

Does this make sense? Is there any problems to use this approach?

I have read “” but I do not understand all of it.


/ Mikael

From a “technical” point of view, recording two tracks simultaneously is just regular 2-channel stereo. But, you might not want it produced with one person fully-right and the other fully-left.

If you [u]Split Stereo Tracks[/u] you’ll have two separate tracks that can adjust the left & right volumes independently and then blend to mono, or whatever you want to do.

If you record in mono the two channels will be mixed to mono and you won’t be able to edit/adjust them independently.

…It’s true that multi-track recording usually means multiple simultaneous mono tracks which are later panned left-to-right across the soundstage. And philosophically, that’s what you’re doing but you’re doing it with a regular 2-channel stereo interface and recording to a regular 2-channel stereo file.

I have read ">> " but I do not understand all of it.

That’s about recording more than 2-channels at a time, and Audacity seems to be very bad at it. :wink:

You can however record multiple (mono or stereo tracks) one at-a-time while listening a backing track in headphones (to keep everything synchronized), and then mix the multiple tracks down to stereo or mono in “post production”. (Audacity isn’t the “best” tool " for that but it can work).