Multitrack recording

I’m wanting to be able to record myself playing fiddle, guitar, mandolin, each on separate tracks.

I can record several tracks and hear them all. Unfortunately when I record the 2nd and subsequent tracks, I cannot hear the previous tracks at the time of recording. I have tried headphones and loudspeakers but I can never hear the previous recording when recording the next one.

What microphone are you using and how is it connected to your computer?

You may find this page of the manual helpful:

I’m using a condenser mic connected to the audio input on the front panel. It does pick up each separate track as I record, but at the time of recording, I cannot hear the tracks I have already recorded. When I play the recording, all tracks have recorded. Obviously when recording myself playing, I need to for example, hear the fiddle track to be able to add the next track, a guitar track.

Solved it.

I found this in the manual :-

Confirm the following settings in the Transport menu:-

Overdub (on/off) is checked (Mine was unchecked, selecting it made the difference)
Software Playthrough (on/off) is not checked.

Thanks to anyone who was pondering this.

Thanks for reporting back that you solved your problem. :smiley: