Multitrack recording Behringer X18

Can I record the 18 tracks from a Behringer X18 mixer.
It is connected through the USB port
I use 2.1.1

According to this post ( the Behringer X32 works, so I’d think there’s a good chance with the X18.

I don’t recall anyone giving specific information on this forum about the X18. so let us know how you get on.

The current version is 2.1.3, which is available here:

I just wanted to share my little experience with Behringer XR18 (XAIR)
I was able to open a connection to record 18 channels with the ASIO driver (windows WASAPI). There are 2 conditions:

  1. You have to select 18 channels. It does not work if you only select a subset (2,4,5, etc).
  2. You have to select also the speakers to use the Behringer driver. If you try to use the computer speakers, it does not work.

In any other case I got an error condition.
I am using Windows 10, but I guess it is not an issue of the OS (being Windows). I have not tested it with MacOS or Linux.

I made a test with Ableton Live Lite (the version you got for free when you purchase some device), and I was able to open 4 channels only for instance. So I guess it is the way that Audacity works with the driver.

I am using Audacity 2.2.1 by the way, but I had also this issue with previous releases.

I am open to suggestions, corrections, etc.

Best regards

FYI, that’s a known issue on the Windows version of Audacity. The Behringer mixer drivers provide a WSAIO interface, that is only supported on Audacity if you build from source code and include the Steinberg WSAIO driver code (which cannot be distributed by Audacity due to the Steinberg license agreement).

When I encountered this issue, I first set up an Ubuntu Live USB to test (using Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS 32-bit, which is also supported by Behringer’s XAir-Edit program), and found that the Behringer and Audacity work beautifully in that config (with full 18-channel recording on my XAir-22).

After proving that out, I set up a dual-boot between my wife’s Windows install and my audio-recording Ubuntu install.

According to Behringer’s documentation, the drivers for a XR18 support WDM, WASAPI and ASIO. Audacity supports WDM and WASAPI.
What is “WSAIO”?