Multiple tracks from multiple audio sources

I am trying to wrap my head around a set up that I have no experience with.
So far I am proficient in using Audacity as a DAW to record my pianos i.e. two Røde condensers in NOS configuration plus adding a second track later from ambient microphones.

I now have special situation: A concert grand is to be recorded with the two (maybe four) Rødes via a Steinberg audio interface plus I want to use three wireless Lavalier microphones added in real time, because it’s kind of an interview dialog situation at the piano with a pianist, a piano technician and me as the owner of the Steinway.

We have not bought the Lavaliers, so I am open to suggestions in this regard as well, but most of all I really don’t know how to connect the Lavaliers as additional audio sources in Audacity.

I use Fedora 39 on a Thinkpad Carbon X1. Can the laptop’s bluetooth handle three wireless microphones and provide them as additional sources for Audacity.

Thanks for your help!

Audacity can only record at any one time from one input source…
So if you have several sources you will need an external mixer to provide 1 mixed input either USB or analogue