multiple tracks do not move independently [SOLVED]

NEW to audacity and need Help!! Using version 2.1.2 on windows 7. In am editing wav audio files and on single track all works great, Selection tool, shift tools, amplify. BUT when I import multiple tracks they all seem to link to each other so I cannot move them OR edit them independently! I know there must be a simple explanation but I cannot figure it out - the screen fills with little clock emojis as try to move separately. So frustrating. Please help!

Thank you!


It’s easier to help you in your own topic so I started a new topic for you and gave it a relevant title.

Turn off Sync-Lock Tracks - it is not on by default. Tracks > Sync-Lock Tracks, click to remove the checkmark.

Be aware that Time Shift Tool too can drag multiple tracks if you drag from inside a selection that is present in multiple tracks.


THANK YOU!!! Yes, I am an idiot but could not figure that out