multiple streams

how can i make an audio have multiple streams? like this pic
multiple streams.png

Audacity is perfectly comfortable with Mono (1) and Stereo (2). It will edit and process many multiple different separate sound channels on their own timelines.


Exporting multiple tracks (over 2) demands you come up with a file format to handle it. For example, 5.1 channels of sound in a Dolby Movie.

There are not a lot of those common formats in the wild.

The desperation method is File > Export Selected each sound track on its own, say for example, WAV sound file, and then cause a separate program to create your special format sound file.

It is begging loudly for trouble to try to manage different sound standards in the same show. See all the postings on the forum of presentations running at the wrong speed.


There are “pro” DVD authoring programs that can do that and MAYBE [u]MakeMKV[/u] can do it.

The only way I know of playing a file like that and selecting the audio is with a DVD or Blu-Ray player (or with DVD/Blu-Ray player software).

It’s called [u]multiplexing[/u],* and for example a DVD might have one or more audio tracks (sometimes in different languages), one or more subtitles, and the video, all multiplexed into an MPEG-2 “container” (a .VTS file).


  • This is one definition of “multiplexing”.

how can i make an audio have multiple streams? like this pic

And that brings up to: “Why are we doing this?” What’s the product or service?


You can make multi-stream .MKA files with mkvtoolnix. See: