Multiple music folder batch processing

Please help. I can not find any information as to batch processing multiple music folders for batching editing. Also, does Audacity not save the processed file at the original bit rate?

Thank you

Audacity doesn’t do that. You have to select files in one folder for batch processing and the feature is called “Chains”.

See here: .

No, that’s a feature request as well (for Chains and standard export). For Chain export, the files are exported with the quality parameters that you can see by clicking “Options” in the Export File Dialogue.

If you are processing MP3, please be aware Audacity decompresses these to PCM, so re-encodes them to MP3 on export which degrades the quality further. If you only want to do volume edits like Amplify, you can do better elsewhere with a direct MP3 editor like MP3DirectCut: .