Multiple Macros on Batch processing

Now i pick all the files from one folder and i run one macro.

To be more fast, my idea is apply to X files in the folder different macros and export in different .wav , so, i expected it creates different folders with the macro to check but it looks it exports all .wav in the folder and seems only does correctly the first macro. Also for the second pass it changes the name:

(But all .wav files are the same, only the first macro added)

But maybe i’m doing something wrong. Every macro have an export wav at the end.

Maybe i need to add some action between one and other macro ¿?, checked the Macro helps but not find nothing:

Or maybe Macros are not prepared for this?

Audacity’s Macros have deliberately been kept simple. When applied to files (batch processing), Audacity creates one folder within the same directory as the selected files, and exports the processed files into it. The file names are appended with a number if necessary to avoid overwriting.

If you require more complex behaviour, such as exporting to different folders, then you need to use one of the more advanced systems; either “Nyquist-Macros” or “Scripting”.

Argg, well as said my code skills are 0 so again i will need to wait or ask/hire somebody for all this.

I disagree.
It appears that you are able to write normal Macro scripts, and that is a form of coding, albeit a very simple form. Writing Nyquist-Macros is a bit more complex, but a lot more flexible and versatile. Help is available if want to learn to write Nyquist-Macros.

Well, in other words, with my code skills i will need to spent too much time, maybe days to learn and do all that, when i can invest in other things, when somebody already skilled can do it with no time. So, prefer ask in case somebody already have done for himself or even hire, sure it will be more productive/cheap in the long way.