Multiple issues with Audacity 2.1.2

Hey team!

(After updating to 2.1.2, I can no longer drag and drop files from finder, the desktop etc to the project window, the icons just bounce back. Dragging to the dock icon still works though, but if you want to get multiple files easily into one project that won’t help.)

EDIT: Found the above listed among the known issues.

The ability to copy the file name with cmd+c in the file save window of the export process is gone, the “alert” sound is played and you have to right click and copy instead.

The genres drop-down list in the metadata window of the export process is sometimes not working, it only flashes when the arrow is clicked.

Tested on:
2011 MacBook Pro running 10.8.5
2010 iMac running 10.10.5


Thank you. As you may now have realised, all these issues are known about.

I find this works for the Genres list: hold the arrow button on the list down, then while holding, use keyboard arrows to select the required item from the list, then while still holding, press ENTER on the keyboard.


Hello team,

your work is amazing. With version 2.1.2 you managed to improve a - to me - perfect program again (for example with the presentation of format options in the audio export menu).

Nevertheless I found a minor issue in the dialog for effects/normalize: the OK button does no longer react to pressing the ENTER key, as it did in previous versions - it works alright with a mouseclick.

The workaround for the issue with the genres drop-down list in the metadata window of the export process described by Gale Andrews is somewhat acrobatic but works alright for the time being.

iMac 2013 running 10.10.5


Thanks, I know about that. I think it affects all effects, generators and analyzers, not just Normalize.

It has a workaround without using the mouse - COMMAND + TAB twice to switch out of and back into Audacity , then you can use ENTER.


Yup, just downloaded 2.1.2 and the first thing I noticed was drag and drop functionality is gone.
Other stuff looks good, though. Was using 2.0.0 and it was taking longer and longer to open—often as long as four minutes to launch! Nice to see this cheery 2.1.2 open so quickly.

using a MacPro from 2009 running OS 10.6.8