multiple inputs

Kind of a basic question here and Im sure its been asked a lot…I have been using Audacity a while…is it possible to record more than two tracks at a time ?

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I am not computer literate…I do not understand what is written on this page…is this a yes or a no ?

Neither. It depends on your computer, audio device, and audio device drivers.

Example: If you have a sound card which supports 8 input channels, and you have a multi-channel device driver for the sound card, then you will be able to record up to 8 mono audio tracks simultaneously. However it’s a lot more likely that your sound card only supports recording a maximum of 2 audio channels.

Also, Audacity does not currently allow you to record from more than one device at a time. For example, you cannot record the microphone and another device concurrently with Audacity. However, the developers hope to remove this restriction in one of the next major releases; see: Audacity 3.3+ / Future