multiple files noise removal and loudness unification

Multiple clips noise removal

Hi ,

Say I recorded 5 lectures for a speaker in the same room but different days and now I want to combine the 5 lectures in one big audio file .

  1. do you recommend I do noise removal for each lecture separately then I stitch them in one big file or I join them all in one big file and do noise removal on the resultant big file ?

  2. depending on my place relevant to the speaker the recording in day 1 for example was louder than day2 so when I join the 5 lectures what do I do to unify the “loudness “and make sure it appears as if it was one long lecture with voice uniformity

Note : it’s the same speaker in the same hall the whole 5 days

apologies for the long questions and thank you all in advance for your kind help

Volume doesn’t bother me, is there roughly the same number of people and noises in the hall for each of the performances? If not, there is little chance you are going to make this sound like one show. The grownups have a hard time doing that.

Did you have the recorder in the back of the hall? We can’t take out echoes and “Big Hall Sound.” If you have trouble understanding the presenters because of mushy audio, that may be the end of the show. If you had the recorder on the podium, then it should be OK. As long as you didn’t overload anything, then it’s just a matter of suppressing the microphone hiss and volume adjustments.

I think I would try to clean the first lecture all the way through to finished presentation without the others and write down what I did. Audacity will not give a running list of the effects and settings. If you get there, then you have a list of corrections for the others. Effect > Amplify, Effect > Normalize or the trim adjustments to the left of the track can all be used to adjust simple volume.

If you can’t clean the first one…


Thank you Koz ,

actually the recorder was very close to the lecturer almost same place same distance all sessions and i don’t have echo issues ,

if i understood you right then you are suggesting to clean every file alone then merge them together right ?

Noise reduction is best done on each recording separately (with a new “noise profile” each time).

The profile is a big deal. If there is no good, clear profile possible on one segment, by all means try the profile from another segment.