Multiple fade in/fade outs


I’m creating an ambiance soundtrack where some audio clips are ~8 minutes long and are repeated for 1 hour.
To decrease some of the repetitiveness of that particular clip I wanted to make multiple random fade in/fade out sections on it.
Is there any easy way to do this?


Copy and paste this code into the Nyquist Prompt effect and apply it to the track(s):

;version 4
;control num "Number of fades" int "" 10 2 100
;control minlev "Minimum fade level" float "" 0 0 1

(setf maxadjust (- 1 minlev))
(setf points ())
(dotimes (i num)
  (push (- 1 (* maxadjust (rrandom))) points)
  (push (- 1 (/ (float i) num)) points))

(push (- 1 (* maxadjust (rrandom))) points)
(mult *track* (pwlv-list points))