Multimix8 USB 2.0


I’m totally new to all of this and help some help. I just got my mixer and I need to record input from all four mics over the USB 2.0 connection. The 1st two mics record just fine, but the 3rd and 4th mics dont show up in the recording. I’m running windows 7 64 bit and using XLR mics. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks


also, I downloaded all of the current drivers

Do the lights on the mixer bounce when you scratch, tap, or talk into each microphone? If not, make sure the “Gain” controls (at the top) for 3 and 4 match 1 and 2. Usually around 3 O’Clock or so for a start. Put the “Pan” controls all in the middle. Advance each microphone fader. Talk into each microphone. This setting config will – or should – produce a mono show.

Do they all show up now in an Audacity recording?

Which Audacity are you using? “About Audacity” should be available under one of the menu pull-downs.


Audacity 1.3.12-beta Development Team
Yes, the lights bounce on the mixer and I can hear the output from the mic in the headphones on the mixer. The gain is turned on and the pan is set in the middle. The levels on each mic are turned up. Still nada.

The levels on each mic are turned up. Still nada.

You need to use more English words. Still missing microphones 3 and 4 – only – or nothing works?

What exactly are the microphones, down to model numbers? Are you using store-bought parts and interconnecting cables, or did you make some of them yourself? I have been known to make custom cables, so that’s not dreadful.

I need to make another trip through the instruction book.


OK. I got it. The Mixer sends everything as a large, multi-channel USB connection. The first two microphone channels happen to work out to USB channel 1 and USB channel 2, so Audacity is perfectly happy with that. The other USB channels, 3, 4, FX, Mix, Return, etc., may be missing – at least in Audacity.

You need to load the software Application (not only the drivers) on your install DVD (it’s not a CD) to “see” all of the sound channels. After you produce your mix, you can use their software to Export a nice 2-channel WAV file for use in Audacity.


Joe, Did you get it to work? I have a windows 7 computer and am interested in buying an Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0. I want to make sure all channels will work with Windows 7.