Multichannel Recording with Audacity - working only stereo

I have Audacity 3.2.5 on Windows 10 and a multichannel USB audio interface (M-Audio Fast Track Ultra) that can record simultaneously up to 6 channels. I installed the latest version of the M-Audio driver (6.1.10).
I would like to be able to record all the 6 channels simultaneously , but I am able to record only a stereo track.
The multichannel option is available in the input device list, but the recording is always stereo.
The preferences for the device shows only two options: mono or stereo in the recording channels field.
Any idea?

There is some information here but as far as I can tell very few people are successful and there is very little discussion here on the forum so not too many people are multi-track recording with Audacity. :frowning:

You’ll probably need a full DAW which is designed from the ground-up for multi-track recording & mixing.

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