Multichannel MP3's (how can i make them?)

Just a short and general one, how can i make multi-channel MP3’s? I know Audacity
has LAME built into it already, but I just cant figure out how to make these :frowning: Any help? Would prefer a step by step guide if could thanks loads

(Using v.2.4.2)

MP3 only supports mono or 2-channel stereo. (You can make a Pro Logic encoded MP3 if you can find a Pro Logic encoder. Or, to some extent you can “fake” pro logic. But Pro Logic surround works be “steering” so you can’t have different sounds coming from all different directions/channels at once.)

Most of the other popular formats AAC (MP4/M4A), FLAC, etc., do support multiple channels but I don’t know about player support.

The most foolproof to get surround sound sound is with a DVD or Blu-Ray authoring application. Then play the files with DVD/Bly-Ray player software or burn discs and play them on a DVD/Blu-ray player. VLC will probably play a 5.1 channel AC3 (Dolby digital) file but I’ve only tried it with DVDs or other audio/video files (MPEG-2 video multiplexed with AC3 audio).