Multi tracks recording

HI !
I’m using AUDACITY 2.2.2 under Windows 10, both in French.
I’d like to record myself playing drums (acoustic set) while a friend of mine, on his side, will play and record himself playing guitar. To make our recordings we will use, each in our turn, a mixing console Yamaha MG12XU with 12 channels.
Then we would like to mix our respective recordings.

My question is the flwg :

Will it be possible for me to record my drums on 4 separate tracks in Audacity from the 4 microphones connected to the mixer ?
In the affirmative, thks in advance to explain to me how to proceed very precisely.

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Yamaha MG12XU

Audacity will record multi-track just fine, but it’s all down to the software drivers. First step is they have to say “Windows 10.” Just “OK with Windows” doesn’t do it. Win10 changed the game a bit.

Some multi-track machines mount the channels in stereo pairs, so you can record 1-2, or 3-4, or 5-6.

I don’t have really good hand-on with multi-track.

Here’s what we have posted.


Hi Koz !

Many thks for yr prompt answer.
I’ve taken good note that I’ll have to connect the 4 micros on stereo channels pairs.
And, based on what I’ve just learnt, the recording I’m intend to do requires a multi-channel sound card.
In this matter, do you know if the Steinberg UR12 USB sound card is a multi-channel or not ? (it’s the interface that my friend bought few days ago)

Thks beforehand for yr answer.

Good afternoon (here in France it’s time to go sleepin’)

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Yamaha MG12XU

It’s a USB mixer. You shouldn’t need any additional hardware. The software drivers should be able to tell the computer how to deal with multi-track.

I was just saying some older multi-track mixers only had the ability to present one stereo pair to the computer at a time. You only got to pick which two channels appeared. Many newer mixers can present all the channels.

You should read the instructions carefully and see if Yamaha has a forum or help page for his mixer.


There is one problem. Audacity does not support ASIO software. So if the software setup needs ASIO, then you may need to record using the software that came with the machine and only do production or editing in Audacity.


From the manual:

The XU models support USB Audio Class 2.0 so you can use them with USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant tablets and other devices, without the need to install drivers.

However, it is 2 IN / 2 OUT only, pre fader on the stereo bus…