Multi track recording

I’m just getting started with Audacity.
Apologies for the rookie questions, but:

I was under the impression that Audacity is capable of doing multi track recording. Am I wrong about this?

I was hoping to have about 16 (or more) tracks available to record percussion, bass, a few kybds, guitars, brass, vocals on separate tracks. Is Audacity the wrong platform for this?

Are you asking about recording multiple channels simultaneously, or “overdub recording”.

Multi-channel recording depends on the capabilities of the sound card and the sound card drivers. In most cases on Windows, this is limited to 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo) channels, though a few audio devices can record more channels at the same time.

For overdub recording, use “Shift + Record” (or “Shift + R”) to start recording to a new track. See also:

Good question. I didn’t make that very clear.
I’m talking about overdubbing.
I’d like to put down a few kybd tracks, send the file to a mate of mine so he can add some guitar tracks and vocals, then send that to another guy who would add some horns and/or vocals…etc.