Multi-track recording sync

I imported a stereo instrumental track and I want to add my own vocals, but when I do the vocals and then play it back the vocals are out of sync with the instrumentals. How can I sing along with the instrumental tracks and have the two in sync? The laptop is a fairly new 12 core ASUS with 16 GB of RAM running Windows 11 Home.

If you have multiple files/tracks open in an Audacity project you can click-and-drag the track name left or right to align the tracks.

And for future recording, there is a Latency Compensation setting under Audio Settings.

…There used to be instructions in the WIKI for finding the “round trip” latency but they killed the WIKI so it may take some trial-and-error.

There is ALWAYS some recording & playback latency (delay).

I’ll give that a shot tomorrow. Thanks.

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