multi-track fails with latency issue

Latest version of Windows 10. Behringer UMC202HD audio interface. Latest version of Audacity. First track records OK. Create a new track, and ensure overdub is ‘on’. Try to record but transport does not move. When I stop record, a message pops up regarding latency. See attached.
behringer latency problem overdub.jpg

Interestingly enough I’ve been searching for this issue for the past few weeks. After some testing I finally figured out the problem and the simple fix. It seems that after the driver is installed, Windows (in my case Windows 10) will default the playback of the Behringer USB to 48000Hz. (Go to Playback Device > Behringer device (such as UMC202HD) > Properties > Advanced). In my case it defaulted to 16 bit, 48000Hz - CD Quality.

However, Audacity defaults to projects working at 44100Hz.

So with a mismatch I had the issue you and others have described where you can record the first track but then trying to do overdub with playing that first track and then recording a second track, nothing happens.

I’ve set the Playback of the Behringer to either 16bit or 24bit 44100Hz to match what Audacity uses and now overdub (recording while listening to previously recorded tracks) works perfectly.


Also, the original idea came from this thread:

where ‘steve’ wrote: “I think the most likely reason that this might happen, is if the device is being asked to operate at two different sample rates simultaneously.”

and the OP confirmed that it was the playback device was playing at a different rate here (in the same post)

where they wrote: “You were dead right - I only checked the recording device. On a hunch I checked the playback for my USB interface and it was set to one step higher than the recording interface.”

Check that “Software Playthough” is off.

In Audacity “Help > About Audacity”, what is the version number?