Multi microphone podcast recording issue in Audacity

Hello, we are new to the podcasting community and recently purchased a pyle pmxu43bt mixer and we are using to microphones through in and connecting it to our laptop via a usb connection. I am wondering if we can get a separate recording of each microphone in Audacity. And if so can someone tell me how to set it up. I have watched many youtube videos and tried messing with it for hours now with no luck. It only come in as a single source.


Are there “pan” controls? From what I found online, I don’t think so. :frowning:

Most stereo mixers have a pan controls so you can pan one (or more) input to the right and one (or more) to the left so if you have two mics you can record one to the left and one to the right and then adjust separately and optionally mix together after recording.

Past the technical problems (you didn’t say how many people will be in the show), we assume you will be in your kitchen or living room. So even if you did manage to record three or four separate microphones, each microphone will be recording their performer and about 25% of the performers on each side. So there is no correcting a word fluff or mistake. You might be able to throw some tonal corrections in there, but anything you do is going to affect the neighbors as well.

You want to record Skype, Zoom, iChat, or other meetings or interviews, too, right? The answer is even more, you don’t. You will get your local microphone, or the far side microphone, but not both.

Zoom will record individual performers on their own sound channel if you ask them nice. It’s not the worst idea to do the whole show on Zoom, including the local performers. Tell them to stay home and join the Zoom with headphones.

I’m not joking. Home computers have one recording channel either stereo or mono and one playback channel either stereo or mono. Full Stop. That’s it. If you really blow the bucks and get a multi-channel mixer with special software drivers, then maybe you can do the local show, but still not an outside interview.


If you scale back your projections a bit, you can record a “kitchen roundtable” around a round kitchen table with your cellphone.

I set up a hard-top fake table in my garage, pulled furniture moving pads over the metal garage door and made a recording. It’s just me, but there’s no reason not to roll three or four people up to the table and record everybody pre-mixed.


That’s pressure zone configuration if anybody asks. Just slap the phone down flat (gently) on a hard surface with either the microphone out the bottom or facing up. Obviously you can’t make table noises and you can’t live near a freeway or construction zone.

That’s how I shot this restaurant interview.