Multi-chanel for drums-only uses 1 chan

Trying to record on 3 channels for drums. I am running Windows 8.1 and using a Behringer U-Phoria MC1820 interface. I can only record 1 channel at a time. When I look the audio (sound) on windows instead of giving me the Behringer device to chose from it gives me the different channels to pick from (as default) not the interface so when I go to record it will only let me record to that channel not the 3 I want to use…it gives me Chan 1-2 behringer UP1820, or Chan 3-4 behringer UP1820 and so on. But its picking up the live sound on all 3 chanels. When I then go to Audacity to record I can only pick a specific channel as listed above vs. select device and select number of channels. What am I doing wrong???



People sometimes try to multi-track record with Audacity but from what I can see, few succeed. :frowning: But it may be possible- [u]Multi-Channel Recording With Audacity[/u].

When someone mentions multi-tracking I always check to see if the interface came with software. Your Behringer interface should have come with [u]Traction[/u]:

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Or, [u]Cakewalk[/u] is now free, or there are several other non-free [u]DAWs[/u].

A DAW is more complicated than a simple audio editor like Audacity but you once you get past the learning curve multi-track recording & editing should be easier because that’s what it’s designed for.