Muffled sound on audacity halfway through editing?

Hi so I’m using windows 10, up to date audacity, a scarlet solo 3, audiotechnica mic on an MSI laptop.
I’ve recorded plenty of vocals before and everything worked just fine. Today I recorded a song, it sounded crisp and clear on every single track. I began editing, using reverb, compressor, a tiny bit of auto tune and not much else. Everything was fine, then I deleted a track I no longer needed and played the song again. suddenly every track besides the first track which only contains the beat is very muffled, I tried undoing my last few effects and it didnt change the muffled sound at all, I closed audacity and they still sound this way. I Just don’t understand why this would happen so long AFTER it was already recorded?

I thought “auto tune” was incompatible with Audacity. :confused:

I realize this is a bit late, but I had the same problem after cutting a segment of audio and figured out the issue. If anyone in the future has this same issue, hopefully this will help them:

What happened to me was that the Project Rate somehow got reduced to the minimum (8000Hz). Simply resetting it to the appropriate value returned the quality to what it was prior - you can change it at the bottom-left of the program window, quick and easy! Hope this helps!