muffled audio problem

Hi. I am recording course lessons into Audacity on Windows 10. I am using a Snowball Ice Black mic made by BLUE. The sound of the audios is off. Kind of like its underwater. slightly muffled.

I have normalized and tried some of the fixes I found on YouTube. So far its not working. Thank you for advice :slight_smile:

Make sure there are no [u]Windows “Enhancements”[/u] enabled. (Audacity doesn’t alter the audio or apply effects while recording, but Windows can.)

And of course, make sure you’re speaking into the front side of the microphone. (Unlikely to be a Problem with the Snowball.)

Scratch on the mic with your fingernail to make sure you’re recording from the Snowball and not the mic built-into you laptop.

I have normalized

Normalization is simply a volume adjustment. Equalization can often help with a muffled recording but you shouldn’t be getting a muffled recording to begin with…

like its underwater. slightly muffled.

That’s two different things. Muffled can be you’re recording from your laptop microphone by mistake or you have your directional microphone turned around. As a fuzzy rule with most microphones you talk into the company name.

Here’s a scratch test I shot.

Underwater is processing. Something is “helping you” with your sound. That’s harder. Windows could be doing echo cancellation or noise reduction, That Skype program you left running by accident can do that and any other chat app and some games.

It’s a little harder to get both. If you have very bad background noise, environment processing can give you muffled like talking into flannel. That’s right before it gives up and starts passing noise instead of suppressing it.

I’m not beating up on environment suppression. That’s what gives you the ability to chat while walking down the street holding your phone at chest level. However, nobody is going to pay entertainment money for that kind of sound.

Any luck find it?