MSVS2013 Windows 10 compiling Audacity w/ ASIO prefs.h issue

Long time Audacity User, first time compiler…

The Good:
got Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013
wxWidgets 3.0.2 - compiled & system variable set
help project - built (w/ python copying of “man” info from website)
ASIO SDK downloaded & system variable set
downloaded latest src of Audacity from Git - ok

The Bad:
prefs.h error (audacity project is the only one of the 25 that won’t build)
Error 532 error C2440: ‘default argument’ : cannot convert from ‘initializer-list’ to ‘const wxString &’ c:\audacity-master\src\Prefs.h 96 1 Audacity

As near as i can tell looking online, it looks like i’d have to declare a “constructor” for this part of the prefs.h code, but i haven’t the foggiest clue how to do this:
EncodedEnumSetting( //this is line 96
const wxString &key,
const IdentInterfaceSymbol symbols[], size_t nSymbols,
size_t defaultSymbol,

const int intValues[] = nullptr, // must have same size as symbols
const wxString &oldKey = {}
: EnumSetting{ key, symbols, nSymbols, defaultSymbol }
, mIntValues{ intValues }
, mOldKey{ oldKey }
wxASSERT( mIntValues );



Have you tried building any of the wxWidget sample projects?
(It’s not very up to date, but there’s a guide here:

Yes, i was able to compile the wxWidgets 3.0.2 projects according to the instructions.

24 of the 25 projects in the Audacity solution had successful “build” as well…

I see you have used Audacity master as your source code. This is in a version 2.3 Alpha development state and the contents of Prefs.h is significantly changed compared to the stable release version. Having just built 2.2.2 exactly as described by yourself I strongly suggest that you use 2.2.2 not master. You may encounter the run-time ASIO issue I have described in the adjacent post but you shouldn’t have any trouble with compiling and linking. It is also possible to use wxWidgets 3.1.1 with a couple of small changes in memoryX.h and in the linker config for the mod-script-pipe project configuration.

Thanks a lot roadsterUK!

Using 2.2.2 seemed to work…the only mysteries now are a 100ms delay/offset (regardless of ASIO buffer settings) when overdubbing subsequent tracks and the fact that the help menu seems to think i don’t have the help file local to my drive (even though i compiled the Help project separately as directed)…


You need to set up “latency correction” for the system:

I’d guess that you need to move the manual to the correct location. See: