mpg how do I record the voice from my videos

I just downloaded an all looks great I have several video mpg files and IK would like to extract the sound and make audio cds mp3 is there a way to do it?
Thanks in advance

You should download and install the FFMpeg software from here…

That should allow you to open the movie sound and edit it. Export as WAV which should drop right into your Music CD Authoring Software – such as Windows Media. If you decide to use a Data CD and MP3 files instead, then you need the additional MP3 software (lame) from that same download page.

Note that you shouldn’t cross them. MP3 creates damage and shouldn’t be used with high quality Music CDs. Non-Music CDs will not play on older CD players and may not play in your car, but can contain much more lower quality music


Just because I’m reading your question again, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to isolate just the voices from a video without the music – at least with Audacity.

The Voice Trap software is supposed to work well.

–Voice Trap