Mp4a (from iTunes) to mp3

Audacity 2.0.1; Vista Home version

I am a newby to Audacity and the vocabulary/steps to convert music formats. Thus, I need some help. I downloaded music from iTunes to play on my mp3 player. However, the music downloaded, I think, in mp4a format (the icon is a mucical note with a “film clip” behind and to the left). The Audacity screen will not allow me to import the tunes into it. What do I need to do to make this work? (Please keep it very simple.) Thanks in advance for your help.


Some older iTunes downloads were copy protected, but if you downloaded them recently they should open in Audacity.

I assume you can play the files in iTunes? Almost all MP3 players can also play AAC (M4A). Have you tried it?

Have you installed the optional FFmpeg library? This is necessary if you want to import any kind of video file into Audacity or to import an AAC audio file that may have MP4 or M4A extension.

Here are the instructions to install FFmpeg: .