MP4 files

I have just started using Audacity.

I am using Windows 10 Pro and Audacity 3.0.2

I have been asked to convert my WAV file to a MP4, but that facility is not available.

I have downloaded the ffmpeg-win-2.2.2, which I thought would solve the problem, but the MP4 option is still not available.

Have I done something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

You have to select M4A. Then if you wish, you can rename it to MP4 after saving. (M4A and AAC are also MP4.)

I have downloaded the ffmpeg-win-2.2.2

Did you RUN ffmpeg-win-2.2.2 to install it?

Then when you go to file → Export → Export Audio → Save as type: you should be able to select M4A ( AAC) Files (FFmpeg).

Thank you. Yes I did run the file. Great, I saved as a M4A, but I’ve been informed that when uploaded to the website it makes you download the file to listen to it. Would that problem be solved if I renamed it to an MP4?

Who informed you of that?
Is this for your own website?

Yes it is for our church website. The person who uploads them says thats what he ask when he uses the M4A files :slight_smile:

Whoever made your church website needs to learn how to properly embed audio into web pages. The easiest and most compatible way these days is to use the HTML5

Thank you, I will pass it on :slight_smile:

I used to do that before. You have to select M4A and later rename it. Even then, it might appear an error. If u didn’t install it properly, u might have to do all of that again. I stopped using it because it was a waste of time. Now when I need an MP4 converter, I use [advertising removed]. It’s available online, easy to use, and doesn’t require installing something. The quality is outstanding. Even if u don’t like this site, I suggest u look for one u do enjoy and leave Audacity behind. Good luck!

Simply renaming a file will not work, the system will still read it differently.

Simply renaming a file will not work, the system will still read it differently. Most likely youll need to use some kind of converter. Thiss so far the only way I can suggest from my experience. Of those sites that Ive used and liked I can single out **[Advert Removed]**. It can convert many different types of files, I tried it and it worked without any flaws or imperfections. As far as I remember its even possible to do the conversion online without installing the program itself. Or you can use some other one, the choice is yours.

There is absolutely no need to keep recommending third party products to do tasks that Audacity can do.

“M4A” is one of several valid extensions for MPEG-4 files. Another valid extension for MPEG-4 files is “MP4”. So long as the file is encoded as MPEG-4, the file extension may be “M4A” or “MP4”. Both file extensions are valid for MPEG-4 files. For more information see: MP4 file format - Wikipedia

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