mp4 files?

I need to download mp4 files. Audacity only allow mp3 files. Can I get any help in this matter?

I assume you mean you want to import MP4 files into Audacity? If so, you need to install the FFmpeg extension.

Instruction are here:

– Bill

Having problems with recording. Tried to record. The meters don’t register. When the record button is pushed, the pause button bounces. what is going on? I have reinstalled audiocity and still does the same thing.

Trying to record what? Trying to record how? We need more details.

You have an AKG C1000S microphone plugged into a Behringer X1204USB mixing desk which is connected to your Acer Aspire S3-951-6646 - Core i5 1.6 GHz laptop via USB. The laptop is running Windows 7. You are trying to record yourself playing a classical guitar. The recording input in Audacity is set to “USB microphone” and playback is set to “AC97 HD (Speakers)”…

well I downloaded the latest 2.1, and that other file and it will open some mp4 files.
but of course not the one I wish to open!
is there a size limit?
this is a 6meg file 10 hours
this could be it.
thanks all

No that is not a 6 MB file, that is a YouTube video. Did you download that YouTube video as a file and then try to import it? If so, what format is your downloaded file? Does you downloaded file play in other applications? Do you have Audacity 2.1.0 installed? Do you have FFmpeg installed? Which version of Windows? Are you able to import other files that you have downloaded from YouTube?

The download from YT is almost 722 MB. Import in Audacity 2.1.0 + ffmpeg works fine and takes about 6 minutes. The result is a 10 hour stereo file that plays perfectly.

I’m guessing the audio is looped. The small dropout between loops is still present in the converted file in Audacity.

Maybe that’s why you see a 6 MB file? I don’t think Youtube would accept a 10 hour “video” otherwise…

windows 7.
the downloaded file size is 6meg.
it is called a 10 hour …
I have the latest 2.1 audacity with the odd named file you need for these files.
on audacity when I do file open, it lists the other mp4 files but not this one.
that is why I suspected a limit.
how do I open this file?

does this help? I think it is a 6 GB file

I bet it’s called 10 hours … .mp4.part or something like it. That’s why the “open file” dialog doesn’t show it. It’s not an audio file, but part of an incomplete download.

Maybe Windows is hiding the double extension?

with extentions

Look in “Help > About Audacity”. That will tell you the actual version number, then you can tell us the actual version number, then we will know which version of Audacity you are using. People often say “I’m using the latest version”, then after wasting everyone’s time for a few days it turns out that they are not.

What does that mean? Are you talking about FFmpeg?
If we are to help you we need accurate information. Please take the time and trouble to provide complete and accurate information.

What does that mean? Do you mean that the name of the file is “a 10 hour …” ? That is not a valid file name for an MP4 file. Right click on the file and select “properties” to see the file name.

Does the file play in you usual media player? I’m guessing that it doesn’t.

version 2.1.0
“Are you talking about FFmpeg” YES
the other questions are answered in the pictures I posted.
remember it plays the smaller mp4s just fine.
thanks all

Why should anyone one this forum be bothered to help you if you cannot be bothered to provide clear answers to direct questions?

  • Look in “Help > About Audacity”. That will tell you the actual version number, then you can tell us the actual version number
  • Right click on the file and select “properties” to see the file name.
  • Does the file play in you usual media player?
  • Does you downloaded file play in other applications? (asked 3 times now).

how do I get this forum to email me when one of you experts replies?

MOST of your questions are answered above
I wrote it is version 2.1.0
the file plays fine just fine everywhere else
the file name is shown above

I got it working!
several tries and it could not find that particular MP4 file.
I used pinnacle studio to make a smaller file and that worked.
so it took hours but then I made the whole 10 hours into a mp3 file.
started to load that into audacity and it found the big file.
this was after a couple of computer restatrts.

what are these red lines for?
thanks all

The red lines indicate that the waveform touches 0 dB at those points and “may” be clipped.
When there are just occasional thin red lines (as in your picture) it is usually nothing to worry about.

Thanks very much