mp4 containing AAc won't open (ffmpeg is installed)

ffmpeg seems to be working; I can open an mp4 file created by Zoom which contains one AAC LC audio track. (ffmpeg is installed, Library Version: F(59.16.100), C(59.18.100), U(57.17.100). I’m running Audacity 3.4.2 on Windows 10 Pro. )

However, opening an mp4 created by Logi Capture fails. It contains four AAC LC audio tracks, per MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser.

When I try to open it in Audacity, I get a “Select stream(s) to import” message (don’t get that for the mp4 with just one AAC):

Index(01] Codec[aac], Language[und], Bitrate[182621], Channels(21, Duration[102]
Index[02] Codec[aac], Language[und], Bitrate[176322], Channels[2], Duration[102]
Index[03] Codec[aac], Language[und], Bitrate[175053], Channels[2], Duration[102]
Index[04] Codec[aac], Language[und], Bitrate[182621], Channels[2], Duration[102]

When I click OK, I get this “Error Importing” message:

“C:\Users.…\Logi.mp4” is an Advanced Audio Coding file.
Without the optional FFmpeg library, Audacity cannot open this type of file.
Otherwise, you need to convert it to a supported audio format, such as WAV or AIFF.

Any help much appreciated. Please let me know if you’d like me to upload any logfiles


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