MP3DirectCut and Lame

I lost an old audacity file and needed to edit the MP3 file, so I obtained an app called ‘MP3DirectCut’. Its not as comprehensive as Audacity but quite smart for doing jobs like this. A problem arose however, when I tried to hook up ‘Lame.’ It couldn’t be found? :confused: Has anyone here had any experience with this problem?

I extracted MP3DirectCut on to my desktop then copied the folder to Windows > Program Files. It worked fine, but when it came to recording, it asked for Lame. So I placed lame_enc.dll in the same folder with no luck.

Any clues?

I’m surprised mp3directCut doesn’t have their own forum… but anyway…

Are you getting any error messages? Is it still asking for LAME? Did you go to Settings → Configure → Encoder and select LAME?

Of course, if you’re recording you can record in Audacity and export to MP3.