having trouble converting MP3 to MIDI. getting “Cannot Export audio in this format.”

That’s because MIDI isn’t a music or sound format. Musical Instrument Digital Interface is machine control. It’s how you tell a musical instrument such as a keyboard how to produce music. After you do that successfully, then you can capture the sound it makes in WAV, MP3 or other sound format.

It’s easy to get lost because you can play a computer as a MIDI instrument. So it seems you are playing music when you’re actually playing on-board MIDI software. It’s the software that actually makes the sound.

Audacity can’t import or export MIDI. Audacity 2.1.2 knows what MIDI is now, but I think all it can do is move files around.


You can Google “Audio to MIDI”.

You can find programs that can do this (or at least attempt to do it). Then, you’ll probably need a MIDI editor/sequencer to fix-up the results.

Neither of those is true. But Audacity can only export MIDI from MIDI, not from audio.

We have a page about MIDI that lists some possible applications to convert audio to MIDI: